487150_10151072475486464_1681084244_n   July 27th 1986…after 48hours in labor my Mum was rather pleased to finally haven given birth to me (what a relief after two days)!  As a child, my imagination was pretty wild, and was found either up a tree or painting my Mums newly decorated bedroom with her red lippy!  As the years have gone by, I have learnt to put my creative side into my work and become a fully fledged wedding & event planner (Mum, you can relax now)!

Approaching 26, I am looking for a permanent career in Event Management.  With my qualification behind me, experience of planning and marketing events, project management, and accountancy, I am ready for it.

Moving to Melbourne is very exciting but also nerve wrecking!  I am ideally looking for an Event Coordinator role or an assistant role where I can grow over time and progress further with the same company.  I am able to work shift, full, or part time.  Currently I am on a working holiday visa and can stay with the same company for 6 months; however this can be extended after 4 months to a full year, and beyond that I will apply for an actual Event Organiser visa.

My college was based in Watford and I had regular contact with my Tutor.  The course itself was 100% coursework, and the books were sent to me along with all the course materials direct.  I learnt everything from arranging private parties, award ceremonies, charity galas, balls, funerals, corporate events, conferences, training camps, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs’, to Intimate Weddings, Religious Weddings, and overseas Weddings (this just touches base of what I have learnt).  I was given a comprehensive knowledge base and learnt time-framing, budgeting, contingency planning, and every other component needed to make every occasion special.  My Tutor was a Wedding and Event Planner herself and provided me with helpful critique and invaluable advice to facilitate my success in the industry.  The course took two years to complete, and on each section I was graded A+.  Over this period, I have built strong relationships with suppliers and vendors all over Kent and London, from catering suppliers, entertainers, and guest speakers, to venue and ceremony coordinators.  I have also attended Wedding shows in London and Kent.  The course itself was a directly based Wedding & Events course; covering business management, arranging, planning, executing events, marketing, accountancy, setting up own business etc.  Most courses / degrees just touch base on Event Management and cover business management but this covered everything in great detail.

Listed below are details of weddings I have assisted on to strengthen my experience, knowledge, and skills, and better prepare me for a full time permanent role, which I am very eager and excited to work in.

Atelier London

Wedding and Event Planners

Sara Binns & Francisco Rodriguez Weil

Amanthi & Michael’s wedding at Mandarin Oriental

June 2nd 2012

 After initial contact with Sarah, and volunteering to assist with any work she had, she could sense my passion and general love for weddings and events and decided to allow me to assist with the planning and organising of a wedding at the Mandarin Oriental in months to come.  Before the wedding, we met several times to go over ideas and plans, discuss the event, and what still needed to be done.  We also visited the hotel weeks before the day of the wedding to go over room sizes, table arrangements, and meet concierge staff that would be assisting on the day.  On Friday 1st June I arrived early at the hotel to assist with the preparation, and on June 2nd arrived at dawn to start fully prepping.  I left at 3.30am Sunday morning after full take down and clean-up of the wedding.

Experience gained from this was incredible.  I was there from the beginning of set up right through to the end/take down.

Sarah Gawler Photography


Sarah Gawler

Gabriella and Andy’s Wedding in Oxfordshire

June 16th 2012

 After lots of networking with different planners and photographers, I met Sarah Gawler after I heard she needed an assistant throughout odd weekends during the summer to help on various weddings and events.  She asked me to assist with her on several weddings (three coming up over the next few weeks).  Even though I wouldn’t be assisting and working directly with a planner, I thought it would be a great idea to assist her, and gain perspective from a photographer, as well as learn more about photography and what they go through during weddings.  An example was working on Gabriella and Andy’s wedding.  Here I drove her to Oxfordshire and back.  I assisted with the carrying of photography equipment, switching of lenses and memory cards swiftly to prevent any delay between shots, and scanning areas surrounding the ceremony for potential shots for the wedding party.


The “Pender” Wedding

Early in 2011 I was privileged enough to be asked by my best friend if I would plan her wedding.  Here I utilised my skills, and showed great passion and imagination.   From day one; the consultation, to the actual day, I was the sole planner for.  The wedding took ten months to plan.  I learnt how to deal with challenging suppliers, used vendors that I had already built a relationship with during my coursework, and dedicated my time to the Bride and Groom, ensuring their expectations were met and their ideas ‘came alive’.   During this time, I assisted the Bride to be in choosing an appropriate venue, dress hunting for her silhouette, cake tasting, account/budget checkups, contract negotiations, florists, and so much more.  I have meticulous attention to detail and am a perfectionist; which proved VERY useful!  My creativity and ‘hands on’ skills paid off.

The wedding itself was beautiful and everyone gave positive feedback.

Below is a testimonial from the Bride:

“During your time planning my wedding, you showed great dedication and passion.  I chose you not only because you’re my closest friend, but because you are a passionate and romantic; you want everything to be perfect and would implement that into anything you sink your teeth into.  I trusted you; you kept a close eye on the budgets and suppliers ensuring everything was going according to plan.  Dave, my now Husband was kept involved at all times, and was really made to feel that it was just as much his day as it were mine.  You also kept both our immediate families together and on the day, all my guests said how welcome they were made to feel and how them being there was deeply important to myself and Dave.  It is easy for me to say how you excelled with your incredible passion, and dedication.   I will always come to you for assistance with planning and will recommend you to everyone.  I wish you all the best and know that Event Planning is truly YOUR calling.”

Thank you for taking the time to read through.  If you are looking for a trusted and valuable addition to your team, please contact me at any time.  I would especially appreciate the opportunity to meet with you so that we can discuss precisely how I could fit into your team.

I hope you find this interesting, and I look forward to writing about the latest wedding & event topics.

Contact Information

Elena Garnham – elliegarnham@gmail.com / 07872610627


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