The Dazzling Lights Emerald City


The Emerald is the sacred stone of the Goddess Venus.  The stone is said to have preserved her love, and contain an abundance of healing powers, spread love, and ensure that the lover of the wearer would remain loyal for all eternity.

The colour itself without doubt is the world’s most beautiful, striking and alluring colour.  The depth of the colour represents the depth of meaning this stone has.  Many cultures believe it can cure diseases, heal the heart, create harmony, wisdom, and above all; love.

Emerald green is already pouring off the catwalk this year.  You can be sure to see Brides from all over the world dripping from head to toe in Emeralds.

The Emerald stone engagement ring is already popular with brides-to-be, and with 2013 said to symbolize a new age full of prosperity, wealth, peace and balance; the Emerald stone seems a perfect fit.


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 Part of the A list.

Halle Berry showing off her Emerald engagement ring with fiancé Oliver Martinez.

The ring is a 4 carat Emerald center stone with two smaller diamonds and set in yellow gold.  The ultimate statement ring on any woman… (I know what I want)!

 Elizabeth Taylor, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women to have ever graced the red carpet, and is my ultimate icon.  Her affair with Bulgari was an expensive one; for Richard Burton that is.  One of Richard’s most famous quotes of Elizabeth…

“I introduced Liz to beer, she introduced me to Bulgari”.

And that she did Richard; in a most extravagant way too!  Conveniently, when they met on set of ‘Cleopatra’, Elizabeth discovered Bulgari.  Over the years Richard purchased many an Emerald for Elizabeth.  She was quoted in the New York Times 2001

“I used to get so excited, I would jump on top of him and practically make love to him in Bulgari”.

To be honest, I don’t blame her!

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The Hollywood icon above wearing the most famous Emerald stone necklace by Bulgari as a gift from her greatest love Richard Burton.

Below is an image of Elizabeth in one of her many wedding gown’s dripping in Emerald jewels.


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 With one of the world’s greatest icons, involved in the world’s most notorious love affair, smothered in Emeralds over the years; has finally set an everlasting popularity of Emerald in stone.  You can be sure to see the jewel gracing catwalks ahead of 2013.