Cake Goes Pop!

Cake pops have been around since Bakerella invented them in 2008.  This year however, I have seen a huge boast in these little sugary treats, as they are proving very popular at weddings.  Bakerella (if you haven’t already heard of her, then be warned; you will soon become very addicted) created the first ever cake pops for Christmas with designs like mini Christmas trees, and reindeer.  Overnight,  Bakerella’s cake pops became one of the most popular dessert sweet of all time.  This year, over five weddings I have assisted with have all had cake pops.  It seems the demand for cupcakes is slowly deteriorating.

My first wedding I assisted on was at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

Chefs own take on Cake pops!

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For a little sparkle and sophistication…
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If you are looking for cake pops to have at an event and not a wedding, then is a fantastic site.  She prepares the most beautiful and detailed little cake pops.  She has even created a mini ‘Lady Gaga’ cake pop…

Lady Gaga goes pop!

Mini Lady Gaga cake pops!

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All About Shoe…!

There is a growing popularity with Modern, statement weddings this year.  As beautiful as Vintage and Retro weddings are; more brides are seeking themes with bright, bold colours.

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These red peep toe classics, will dramatically transform your dress to appear cutting edge, sleek and sexy; still sophisticated.  Wedding shoes are very personal and speak volumes of the bride.  From the dainty classics, to the elaborate embellished divas; every bride can be certain that her Tootsie’s will look and feel beautiful.  Injecting colour into bridal shoes adds to your character.  Personally though, the darkest I would go is a deep red.  Anything deeper may look a little too dark, and weddings are wonderful, joyous occasions full of celebration.

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Think of Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, she finally marries Big; in a simple two piece and stunning Manolo Blue heels!

If bright colours seem a little too ostentatious, then why not inject a little colour elsewhere?  Jewellery, Belts, Nails, and Head pieces are a fantastic way to induce some colour.  Forget diamonds…shoes really are, a girls’ best friend!